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Welcome to Andy & Belle

Hello Andy & Belle Shoppers,

If you wish to purchase items individually, I would do it now.  At the end of the month, I'm packing it all up and flogging it all off together.  Won't be packing individual parcels anymore.  There will be no holding of orders.  Payment must be at time of order.  No exceptions.

Just a quick note about pricing on here.  Prices are reduced down from their recommended retail.  I have not used a marked out module to reduce prices because it is not always satisfactory.  Here are some recommended retail prices for the most popular products:

Scrapbooking Printed paper 12" double-sided - $1.59,
Single-sided specialty paper 12" diecuts - from $1.99,
Single-sided specialty 12" papers - from $2.49,
Paper pads 6.5" - $10.99,
Collectables - $6.99,
Sticker Sheets - $4.49,
P)aper Pack - $11.99.


Thank you kindly.

Andy & Belle

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